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German watches are among the best in the world, on par or better than many Swiss watches. German brands maintain high levels of production quality by building on the country’s solid watchmaking foundations, and by consistently refining the details.  
Even with such lengthy watchmaking traditions to draw from, Rüdiger is a future- focused watch brand, creating watches that are contemporary in style and design, ranging from robust sport chronographs to elegant time-only dress watches in styles for men and women.  
As a relatively new German brand, Rüdiger channels its energy into manufacturing watches with original designs at sensible prices. This ability to balance craftsmanship with affordability sets Rüdiger apart. By combining stainless steel cases with quartz movements and modern coating techniques, Rüdiger is able to deliver watches that are luxurious and attainable.  
Another notable trait of Rüdiger watches is that each collection is named after a German city or region. These associations imbue the watches with distinct personas that are unique to a particular locale, reflecting the diversity of German people and culture.  
The legacy of German watchmaking is well documented, as is the reputation of German engineering. These are traditions worth fostering – a mission that Rüdiger takes seriously, always striving to push the boundaries of expectation to deliver fresh and interesting watches to its customers worldwide.

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